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This is a FundRaising Effort

There will be no admission charge for the dinner and dance.  All are welcome.  However, this is a fundraising event and contributions will be directed to the litigation and media outreach funds of the Americans for the Preservation of Western Environment ( and the Gila Livestock Grower's Association ( )  as they prepare for potential litigation and reach out to inform our urban friends and neighbors of the devastating impact of the Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Program on the people who are forced to live with wolves on their ranches, in their yards and in their communities.

Americans for the Preservation of Western Environment


Welcome to the Americans for Preservation of Western Environment blog.

The policies and practices for managing our Western environment, particularly for endangered species, have for too long been dictated by private non-governmental organizations. Highly funded environmental groups file lawsuits every day that force the people who live in the West to bear an outrageously high burden for the private agendas of these special interest groups. Families live in fear for their safety, and farms, ranches and businesses are being driven to bankruptcy.

Americans for Preservation of Western Environment is a grassroots effort that includes everyone in the West and anyone concerned about preserving the culture, customs and heritage of the West. It has been created in response to these unfair special interest litigation and aggressive public education practices. The focus is on the Mexican Wolf Project, which is poorly run and is driven by environmental groups that donít care about the people who live in and love the West, or even the real environment here. The Mexican wolf project impacts children's safety, as well as residents, ranchers, farmers, outfitters and hunters - everyone who lives, works, plays or owns pets and livestock in our Western States - and is straining the balance of nature of our wildlands.

Please join the efforts of Americans for Preservation of Western Environment. You are invited to learn more about the issues, to submit your comments, and to help us preserve the way of life of the rural environment that is just as important and legitimate and worthy of support and preservation as that of the city.

Posted by apweadmin at 10/16/2008 7:21 PM